Russian Characters are being saved and displayed as “????” in WordPress

Wordpress Fix Russian Language showing as question marks “????”

So the problem is, when we transferred our site from to WordPress.Org which means to self-hosted, we ran into a problem of character encoding.

So I checked my wp-config.php file, and it was all correct.

Next I went to my Database Management Console, to see what is really going on. I logged into my Siteground Account.

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Lets get back to this article, so then I went ahead and logged into phpMyAdmin and started exploring the Database

So server charset, looks good to me

Server connection collation looks good as well

Next I ran a SQL query for identifying the Schema

and my results were, not what I was looking for

As well as my table collation was set to different character set

So I had to convert it and I altered it by running the following SQL queries


So this will allow you to save Russian characters in the database and in the “wp-posts” table and it will not display as question marks “????”.

Reference for more reading:

I hope this will help you solve your issue.

By Tony Mamedbekov

I am a full stack developer and problem solver, find me on twitter @tmamedbekov

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