Russian Characters are being saved and displayed as “????” in WordPress

So the problem is, when we transferred our site from to WordPress.Org which means to self-hosted, we ran into a problem of character encoding.

So I checked my wp-config.php file, and it was all correct.

Next I went to my Database Management Console, to see what is really going on. I logged into my Siteground Account.

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Lets get back to this article, so then I went ahead and logged into phpMyAdmin and started exploring the Database

So server charset, looks good to me

Server connection collation looks good as well

Next I ran a SQL query for identifying the Schema

and my results were, not what I was looking for

As well as my table collation was set to different character set

So I had to convert it and I altered it by running the following SQL queries


So this will allow you to save Russian characters in the database and in the “wp-posts” table and it will not display as question marks “????”.

Reference for more reading:

I hope this will help you solve your issue.